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Max先生・Matthew先生の送別会 ~77期生徒による~









Dear Matthew

Thank you for everything. We appreciate your help, such as English conversation classes and speaking tests. You have supported our English studies in various ways, for five years for students from Toho Gakuen Elementary School and for three years for students from Toho Junior High School. For example, when we were struggling with our essays, you taught us very kindly. Your teaching was polite enough for us to understand.

There are two things that impressed me. First, school events. I remember you often came to our excursions. It is a good memory that I was able to communicate with your naturally during the excursion. Second, English conversation classes. I remember you once introduced us to American pizza. I was surprised to hear that one slice of pizza is said to be one serving of Japanese pizza.

Besides that, you also taught us some American jokes and held Halloween parties and Easter events. This is how you taught us not only English conversation skills but also American culture. We have learned a lot in your classes. Thank you for everything you have taught us. These are treasures of our lives. It is really sad for us to part with you, but please look forward to us leaping into the future. Thank you so much.

Soichiro Takakura 



Thank you so much for a great day yesterday! I was very happy to hear your wonderful English speeches! みんなと過ごせる残りの時間は短いですが、最後まで一緒に頑張りましょう!



Dear Max

Today, I would like to represent all the students and express words of appreciation to you. We still can’t believe that you are going to leave the school because you were always close to us and supported us when we had trouble in English. While teaching us, you were always so thoughtful and all of us were able to learn English while having fun. At times, you even held an event where we can do awesome activities and also you also went to school events with us. Personally, you spared time for me and supported me to pass the Eiken exams.

Therefore, not only did you make the English classes exciting, but also our school life cheerful! We really respect you as a teacher and as a person overall. Excellent teachers like you are rare to find and we count ourselves one of the luckiest students in the world to have had such a wonderful teacher like you.

We heard that you are going back to America, and we will all miss you so much. Always remember, that when life gets tough, keep in mind that we are always cheering and wishing you the best of luck. From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for everything.

Akira Kayo


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for coming and listening to our speeches. I’m very grateful to have been your teacher for these last 5 years. I have many great memories as a teacher at Toho. This experience is one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I wish you success in your future and I hope that you continue to work hard and study English!!








Mr. Matthew & Mr. Max, thank you very much. See you again!

(HR運営委員 河野圭紀・鈴木皓斗)