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中3 British Hills 参加報告


中学3年生 ブリティッシュ・ヒルズへ

8月24日から3日間、中学3年生55名が福島県にある英語研修施設British Hillsへ行ってきました。


研修に先立ち、1学期から学校で事前学習を行いました。ここからすべて英語です。研修のメインは「私の尊敬する人物(The Person I Respect)」のスピーチです。原稿はまず本校英語科教員がチェックを入れ、さらに英語らしい表現を追求して外国人教員が添削を加えてスピーチの練習に臨みます。あわせて外国人教員による「英国文化への招待」というレッスンを行い、英語を身体に沁みこませていきました。


現地では、Survival English, Speech Skills, British Sports / Film, Cookingなどのコースを用意しましたが、特に身体を使って応答する授業が人気のようでした。Survivalではこの3日間を生き抜くのに必要な英語表現を学び、Cookingではsconesという焼き菓子作りを楽しみました。夕食時は先生同席で英語を話しながら食事をします。





Today, I would like to talk about the person that I respect. Do you like action movies? Probably, most people would answer “Yes”. If you like action movies you may have heard the name of Jackie Chan. He is a very popular Chinese Kung Fu action movie star. I think Kung Fu is different from other action movies like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, because Kung Fu is like a fighting dance.
Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong and he respected Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan was looking forward to becoming Kung Fu star like Bruce Lee and he acted in many movies. In 1980s, he produced and acted in “Project A.” This is one of Jackie Chan’s most famous movies. Then he went to Hollywood and he became popular around the world.
I’m going to tell you why I respect him. Jackie Chan always does stunts at the risk of his own life. For example, In “Project A” he jumped from 25 meters without a life line. Of course, he always did his stunt without a stuntman. Now I have a question, “Why did he take these risks merely for movies?” It sounds stupid but in those days, there was little technology like CG and he wanted more reality in his action because he wanted everyone to enjoy watching his movies. So, in order to make a good scene he had to do everything for reality.
In conclusion, when I study, play sports, sing songs or do anything else, I’ll try to do my best like Jackie Chan. Thank you very much.                (K. F.くん)


This camp gave me a lot of useful things to learn English, so I’m very satisfied. I took speech skills lesson on the second day. I learned three points to speak English well. The first point is voice. Small voice cannot be heard, so I thought I have to speak in a big voice. The second point is eye-contact. We can communicate when we see eyes. The third is body language. It is more important than to speak English. These are all important points to make a good speech. I’ll remember these points when I make a speech. We learned a lot of things at British Hills, so I want to keep using English.
(T. S.くん)

At first, I was very nervous because I have not talked with native English speakers. I could not listen to or understand their English well, but I was able to have a little confidence on the second day. I talked with several native teachers at dinner time. Before that, I was not sure if my English would get through to them. However, when I began to talk with them, I noticed that I can make myself understood in English. At that moment, I thought speaking English is fun and I want to talk more often. Now I think this experience is very valuable. From now on, I hope I can do well not only at school but also at other places where I have opportunities to speak English. (M. K.くん)

British Hillsの体験はわずか3日間でしたが、生徒は必要なことを学び、十分に楽しんだようです。今後の英語学習への取り組みが楽しみです。