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海外語学研修 まとめ (CBE Part2)


 夏休み中の7月29日(金)から8月9日(火)の期間で、ケンブリッジ大学海外語学研修(CBE: Cambridge Blue Experience)を実施致しました。

 高1・高2の希望者を対象とし、本年度の参加生徒は高2が10名、高1が26名でした。授業はケンブリッジ大学のカレッジの1つであるSelwyn Collegeで行われました。

 初めの3日間は同カレッジの学生寮に滞在し、その後は現地家庭にホームステイをしました。滞在中はケンブリッジ大学の現役学生がTA(Teaching Assistant)として、授業だけでなく、生活のあらゆる面をサポートしてくれました。英語力の向上だけでなく、イギリスの文化や生活習慣も学んだ貴重な12日間でした。

CBE PART1″Hello from Cambridge”はこちらをご覧ください

 キャンパスのDining Hall(食堂)にて。英国式の重厚な建物です。





I enjoyed my time in England. My favorite activity was punting, because I saw a lot of wonderful places, for example, Kings College, Queen College, and so on. However, my least favorite activity was a trip to Ely because I was tired and sleepy then, so it was difficult for me to understand.

I thought English food would not taste very nice, but actually it was very tasty, so I have come to like it. My favorite teacher is Tim-sensei. He is kind enough to teach anything and his class is very funny, so I always enjoyed it.

I’ve learned about British lifestyles and manners. They are a little different from Japanese ones, for example, entering house in shoes is common in the UK, but in Japan it is rude.

I decide to make good use of my experience in England. I think English helps me in various situations so I am going to improve my English.

1-E Itabisashi Hirofumi

First, I was so happy to go to Cambridge and experience a lot of things I couldn’t get in Japan. Before this trip I wanted to go to London more than Cambridge, but I went to both of them and I liked Cambridge better than London. I was so surprised that my luggage was in the Netherlands when we were in London. However, if I can’t get it on the trip in my future, I may not be so surprised thanks to this experience. The classes were very fun. Our teacher and teaching assistants were very funny and kind. If we had wrong English, they understood and taught us correctly. We had many activities in the classes and I could say my opinion in them. These experiences made my English skills much better than before. I could experience British sports, British culture, and British food. Formal dinner was great. I learned table manner from her and talk with my friends and teaching assistants in English. I thought that rugby was very difficult because we can’t pass forward and this is the biggest difference between rugby and the other ball games. I liked the location of Cambridge. There were many old buildings and beautiful churches. I liked Kings College the most. My host family was very gentle and funny. They cooked us dinner and showed us their garden. My host father works in Peter House College and we could enter thanks to him. The British food was very good. I liked fish and chips. Teaching assistants took us to very good restaurants. I could enjoy shopping in Cambridge or London and I could buy “Harry Potter” and it made me very happy. I couldn’t go where Sherlock Holmes lived or came, for example, Baker street and Hide Park. So I want to go there by myself.

1-G Ono Tomoki

Through this experience, I feel that I grew up. We are taught English grammar, vocabulary, and idiom in Japan. Of course, they are very important, but we can’t be surrounded by native English speakers, so I didn’t know how to talk with British people skillfully.

I can’t speak English well, but I could tell my thinking to teaching assistants and teachers in our class, so I was glad. Speaking foreign language is too difficult for me to tell my thinking completely, but I could use word that I had been taught by Mr. Yamazaki and Mr. Tanaka, who are my English teachers in my high school, in my class. I was happy to use sentences taught in Japan.

I am sophomore, so I had to help and assist freshmen who are junior to me in the class in Cambridge. English teachers can’t understand Japan completely (probably), so someone had to translate and help if somebody can’t tell his thinking in English. It was good experience for me. To tell the truth, their English skill was superior to mine.

In the class, we were taught many English cultures and traditions. Especially, the teacher taught us difference between UK and Japan. In addition, there were a lot of recreations. I could feel English tradition and custom when I was taught and enjoyed doing leisure.

Through such a wonderful experience, I came to want to study English more. I learned that the important thing when we talk with foreigners is not only knowledge of English vocabulary but also communication skill. I am going to study hard in Japan, then I want to enter Selwyn College, where I was taught and stayed in this program.

2-C Nampei Haruta