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The Most Important Thing I Learned at Toho
My Memory at Toho
A Teacher / Teachers of Toho


The most important thing I learned at Toho is the notion of freedom. Toho junior high school and high school have freedom as its slogan. Especially in my early Toho life, I felt freedom so much in Toho life, but I soon noticed that freedom accompanies responsibility. For example, I’ve seldom been scolded by Toho’s teachers for my lateness to school, but of course, lateness is a bad action and bad for the rhythm of my life. Although many teachers in other schools may scold me, Toho’s teachers leave the judgment between good and evil to our independence. I love this Toho’s spirits and I want Toho to continue this spirit. (S. A.)

Although I studied in Toho for only about two years, I learned a lot of things in Toho. Honestly, I wasn’t really happy to go to boys’ school at first. However, I soon knew how comfortable it was without girls.
I also like Toho’s free school life style. Because we can decide what to do by ourselves, we must be responsible for it. This makes sense and I like this policy. Teachers in Toho don’t interfere too much in our school lives, but they would always be happy to help us whenever we get in trouble, and they always care about us. When we are free to do anything, we tend to think that we are adults. However, we are always watched by people who care about us. This is what freedom really means and this is what I learned in Toho. (M. O.)

The most important thing I learned at Toho is doing everything by myself. I entered Toho junior high school six years ago. At first, before spending much time at Toho, I was a very passive student, and rarely talked to anyone about what I wanted to do. For example, I seldom said my opinions in classes. However, such attitudes of mine changed through the life in this school. Spending much time at this school has made me more active. I have learned that, if I don’t do anything by myself, nothing happens to me, and I can’t grow up forever. So finally, I was conscious of my engagement when something happened around me. I don’t know I have really grown up, but I believe I have. So, I thank Toho for teaching that doing something by myself is important. (K. K.)

I have experienced many things at Toho high school. In particular, I was impressed by the education of Toho. This school puts great emphasis on freedom. Before I got into this school, I had mistakenly thought about freedom. I thought that, at Toho, I could do anything in the name of freedom. However, freedom doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do anything. It involves responsibility. If you behave without thinking about the people around you, they will surely have difficulty getting along well with you.
Many people may regard being free to do anything as an easy thing, but it is actually very difficult to do so. I think it is the best thing I learned at Toho high school. (Y. R.)

I graduated from a public junior high school and entered Toho High School, so I was amazed at the atmosphere students have. They looked completely free to me. I thought, at first, this atmosphere to be praised. However, now I don’t have the feeling like this. Of course, though we were allowed to behave as we liked, I can’t have a certain belief that we were really free. One day, I got a question, “Who makes us free?” I think that the answer is not by the atmosphere but by us. This is what I have learned from my experiences in Toho. (N. W.)