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I have learned the importance of leadership at Toho. I was a member of the Gicho-dan, a chairman in the classroom, since I was in the first grade at Toho Junior High School. I didn’t have any knowledge about working as a member of Gicho-dan, but my homeroom teacher supported me by teaching me the roles of Gicho-dan. We have worked for various matters in our homeroom class: putting the lists of a class schedule on the wall, cleaning our classroom after school, and so on. Of course, we also organized discussions in class. I think that was precious experience of managing the class, so, as I go on to the university, I want to make good use of this experience of mine at Toho. (L.I.)

The Most Important Thing Is “Doing”
The most important thing I learned at Toho is “the importance of doing”. It means that I should rather do anything without hesitation than think too much before you do it. When I tried to do a new thing, I first thought whether I could do it or not. Then I often became nervous, uncertain, and so on, and I didn’t carry it out. I think that this is not good for my life because I learn nothing unless I fail in something and get to know the reasons why I fail. We don’t know what will happen after our trying. It is no use thinking about the risk of trying. We should first try to do a new thing. And we should seek the best solution. I mean to say that “doing” is the most important thing in our life. (S.O.)

The Most Important Thing I Learned at Toho
The most important thing I learned at Toho is preciousness of friendship. I was a member of the water polo club. I learned so many things through the club activity. I had countless quarrels about the games with them, but, without them, we wouldn’t have won the games and got along with each other. Whenever I had a trouble, my teammates helped me and we will help each other in case we get trouble even in the future, I guess.
I really appreciate the Toho club activity because I managed to get matured through it. Thus I can say the most important thing I learned at Toho is preciousness of friendship. (T.N.)

The Most Important Thing I Learned at Toho
I entered Toho three years ago. I belonged to Toho track and field club. I was so nervous first because I didn’t know anybody around me. Then, they spoke to me tenderly. I felt relaxed with that. A few days later, I enjoyed running with them. I thanked them.
Since then, whenever we have newcomers to our club, I have done as my seniors did to me. I learned I should be a person with consideration. I am pleased with my high school life. (K.Y.)

My Funniest Memory at Toho
The most exciting thing I have experienced in Toho is the spring camp of cycling club when I was in the first year of high school. That was the last activity with my senior members, who are senior to us by one grade.
On the first day, we were going to meet in Kurihama, which is in the south of Miura Peninsula, and to take on the ferry, but because of the big storm, we had to give up that plan, and went directly to the inn in the middle of the Boso Peninsula. On arriving there, the rain stopped and it became sunny, so we played badminton and board games.
The next day, we left there early in the morning, and ran about 100 kilometers. It was very tiring, but fortunately all of the members finished this course completely. It was the last night with my seniors, so we held a party, and they poured coke one another in the shore. I was just the one who saw them doing that, but it seemed to be a lot of fun. (S.W.)

My Memory at Toho
The most interesting event at Toho was Toho-Sai. It is Toho’s school festival. I was a member of the committee of this festival. The job was helping guests to enjoy the festival. For example, we showed them around on campus, or kept their baggage, sold food coupons, etc. So we were very busy but extremely happy because we were happy to hear our guests say “Thank you.” After the festival was over, I was very tired, but very satisfied, too. That’s the reason why Toho-sai was the best event for me at Toho. (H.W.)