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桐朋高校3年生の英語の授業には、必修科目の「英語総合」に加えて、選択科目として「英作文」の授業があります。2学期を終え、学校生活の区切りを迎えるに際し、これまでの桐朋での生活を振り返り、英語でエッセーを書いてもらいました。具体的には、Messages from Graduatesと題し、以下の三つのテーマより一つを選んで書いてもらいました。これまでの彼らの桐朋生活、友人や先輩・後輩、教員との関わり、深くかかわってきた活動がよく伝わってくる作品ばかりです。今回は、まずはその第一弾として、以下の6作品をご覧ください。

The Most Important Thing I Learned at Toho

My Memory at Toho

A Teacher / Teachers of Toho

My Memory at Toho
In my Toho life, my best memory is Toho music club’s regular concert. This concert is held every year in November, but the one in last year was especially precious for me. This concert was the last concert for me as a member of Toho music club.
I was a conductor of Toho music club last year. I had various experiences in just one year. I had a special fondness for this concert. After all performance was over, I had the comfortable feelings. Of course, I had a lonely feeling, but I was satisfied with the result of the concert. I will never forget this wonderful memory. This is the best memory in my Toho life. (K.I.)

My TOHO LIFE is awesome! I’ve been coming to TOHO for six years, so I know many TOHO’s wonderful points, but let me tell you just three points here. First, TOHO is blessed with nature. I always have a school life in fresh air. When summer comes around, we can find a lot of insects, such as bees, dragonflies, and butterflies. Second, there are many teachers who have secret talents. For example, we have a magician, rock singers and so on. I always looked forward to the School Festival where they showed their secret talents. Third, when you enter our school, you make great friends. In TOHO, there are several students who have unique personalities. Thus you can meet friends who match you. Of course, there are other good points of TOHO, so please find them by yourselves! (D.I.)

A Teacher of Toho
I’m going to write about a teacher of Toho. His name is Mr. Iwasaki, who is a Japanese teacher. I have never met a man who is good at explaining and developing his own theory. And when he teaches something, he often shows us various documents and connect them through conversation with students, and he collects the opinions or impressions of students actively. Especially, the point that students like about his class is that he attempts to know the literature which is popular among the students. This is why he attracts students. (M.U.)

The Pleasure of Learning
The most important thing I learned at Toho is doing and studying whatever you like freely without compulsion. To tell the truth, I didn’t like studying at all and I was obliged to study until I entered Toho. But at Toho, all the teachers have much knowledge about their subjects. They teach us much more things than textbooks do. The knowledge inspires me to study more for myself without; namely, they teach me the pleasure of learning. These days, most young people don’t like studying and spend their time on playing games, doing SNS, and so on. When I see them, I feel as if I saw what I was three years ago. I never deny the pleasure of games or SNSs and I do like them too. But I hope young people also know the pleasure of learning. Learning is deep and limitless. Even if you spend your whole life on learning, you can’t complete in learning something. I want many people to join Toho and enjoy learning!!! (T.T.)

The Most Important Thing I Learned at Toho
The most important thing I learned at Toho is “friendship with my club activity’s mates”. I have studied at Toho for twelve years, so I have many friends. I often played with friends from elementary school. And I always went back home with those from junior high school. However, among them, I think my mates in the club activity are the closest, because we aimed at the same objective, the interscholastic athletic competition. We practiced hard and together to attain our goal. I want to get along with them after we graduate and drink alcohol when we are adults. (T.M.)

Learning at TOHO broadened my outlook remarkably. Especially, I have two important things. First, I entered the cycling club. I was not interested in cycling then, but was overwhelmed by my friends, and I entered. This let me take into another world. We enjoyed playing catch and soccer forever. S-kun was very kind to me and made us laugh. He was quite a versatile performer. He inherited his style of performance from his mother. Oh! This story got sidetracked. (Y. Y.)